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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Biomechanical consultation
    Not sure what shoes are best for you? We can evaluate your feet, gait, footwear and explain what your feet do and how to pick out the appropraite footwear. With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to give you the upper hand when picking out shoes.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics
    Custom foot orthotics (custom shoe insoles) are our specialty and one of the favorite services we offer. We perform the assessment, design, fabricate and dispense our custom orthotics 100% in our South Ogden facility. Having this type of control of every step of the process and with orthotics measured down to 1/32" has proven to be extremely valuable. Often times, it is the difference from failure and getting the perfect fit from Perfect Feet. We start by taking an impression of the foot in a specialized foam. We then pour that foam impression with plaster which gives us an exact model of the foot we casted. From there, we choose what materials we want the insert to be made out of. We have dozens of different materials ranging from soft, cushioning foam to solid plastics. We then heat mold the combination of materials to the plaster mold. Next, we use a grinder to take away any excess or unwanted materials from the orthotic. The final step is trimming the insert down to make it fit perfectly in the shoe. We want our patients to be completely satisfied with their custom inserts. We offer a 90 day money back gaurantee and a lifetime warranty on everything we do! We pride ourselves at being the best. We have been building orthotics for more than 15 years and estimate that we have built over 10,000 pairs! If you need a truly custom solution, you have come to the right place. "I have been using orthotics for 30 years or so. I moved to Utah in 2003. After ankle surgery the physical therapist sent me to Perfect Feet. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. They provided me with orthotics that are far better than those you will get from a doctor's office and less expensive. I have been getting my orthotics from Perfect Feet for almost 15 years now. I highly recommend Perfect Feet." -Tom Norton
  • Shoe Modifications
    When shoe manufacturers just don't make the perfect shoe to accommodate what we need, we modify them! With our different shoe modifications we can address problems such as poor/tight fitting shoes, lateral or medial instability, leg length discrepancy along with many more problems. Custom shoe stretchers Do shoes hurt your feet because of the width or mishapen toes? We can make a custom model of your feet capturing all the detail and turn it in to a custom shoe stretcher. We stumbled on to this solution by accident last year and it has been great. Why use generic shoe stretchers when you can have your foot stretching the shoe where you need it! Lateral reinforcement Tip to the outside and prematurely wear out your shoes? Lateral instability is a major issue for a lot of people. It is very frustrating to wear out expensive shoes in weeks and be unstable on uneven surfaces. We have a great solution. We can cut open your shoes, change out materials (softer/firmer) to redesign the shoe to meet your specific needs. Leg length discrepancy Do you have pain associated from a short leg? We can add heel lifts up to 3/8" internally into your shoes. For lifts greater than 3/8", we slice open the midsole add the material and glue the shoe shut. Historically, shoe lifts have been made with firm materials creating a heavy, clumsy shoe. That is no longer a problem. Over the past several years, we have been using softer and lighter materials to create a balanced platform that doesnt feel like an anchor. This along with a slim design and appropriate forefoot rocker (curve) can help you walk your best.
  • Ankle Braces
    Sometimes ankle braces are required to support the body properly. We work with a wide variety of custom and prefabricated braces. We can effectively evaluate, determine what kind of brace is most appropriate, and design/fit that brace. Throughout the design process we keep in mind what kind of shoes the patient will be wearing, what kind of activities they will be doing, and their overall lifestyle. This helps us design the best brace possible for each individual.
  • Custom Shoe Former
    Do shoes hurt your feet because of the width or misshapen toes? Using 3D scanning technology, we can make a custom model of your feet to capture all the detail. The scan is used to mill out your custom shoe former out of aromatic cedar to shape various shoes and materials. We can modify designs to accentuate problems areas, abnormal foot shapes and deformities. We stumbled on to this solution by accident last year and it has been great! Why use generic shoe stretchers when you can have YOUR foot forming the shoe where you need it! More than just a shoe stretcher! Prevent wounds! Not your grandmas shoe stretcher.
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